Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012: Where Did You Come From?

I cannot believe that 2011 has come and gone. I was reading a blog today and believe me it has made me motivated to blog again.

As you can tell from last year I stopped documenting my weight loss but, didn't really succeed.

I didn't make any New Years plans for this year. I think I will just do it day by day.

I am going to do a few things that are going to make me happy this year. I've been sitting at home quite frequently and need to explore more outdoors. I want to enjoy life as it happens. This may sound selfish to some but, the invite is out there for those who want to join in.

Friendships are few in my life and I plan on expanding that this year.

I can't promise a blog everyday but, will try monthly to let you know the positive things that have happened. We have way too many negative things that tend to occur and want only positive vibes this year!!!

Until Next Time,

This Is A Day In The Life Of Tim

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